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Brittany + Drew // A Birth Story

Halie Johnson

I've been sitting here for a while trying to come up with the best thing to say, but words cannot describe how I feel. I am so so honored to have photographed Brittany + Drew's story. You may recognize them from their engagement session or their beautiful backyard wedding. It was so exciting knowing before anyone else that Brittany was pregnant and having to keep the great news to myself. On September 15th right at midnight, Brittany texted me saying she was heading to the hospital but to hang tight. Well, I actually didn't see her text so she texted my fiance' Alec and we both danced around the living room for a minute screaming "BRITTANY'S HAVING HER BABY!". She told me to get some rest and head there in the morning, but to keep my phone nearby just in case. Like I'm supposed to be able to sleep after that?! I laid awake in bed most of the night, so afraid I would miss her phone call if I fell asleep. Morning came and Brittany unexpectedly dilated from 5cm to 10cm very very quickly! The hospital was 2.5 hours away from my house, so I'm sure you can imagine my stress level when I got caught in Atlanta traffic on the way. For the last 30 minutes of my drive, her mom was telling me that she was waiting on me to push. No pressure haha. But seriously, I was already crying at the thought of me possibly missing it. I finally whipped my car into the hospital parking lot and continued to run like a maniac through the halls. When I walked into the room, everyone sighed with relief and Brittany began to push right away. Baby Jaxton was delivered only 20 minutes after my arrival. And it was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. Drew immediately let out this loud cry and then we were all in tears. The entire time, they acknowledged that I was there but acted as if my camera wasn't. I was treated like a friend, not a photographer.